Civil War Library, All Titles

1865 Alabama

Christopher Lyle McIlwain

After War Times

T. Thomas Fortune, Daniel R. Weinfeld, Dawn J. Herd-Clark, Tameka Bradley Hobbs


Edwin C. Bridges


William Warren Rogers, Robert David Ward, Leah Rawls Atkins, Wayne Flynt

Alabama Railroads

Wayne Cline

Ante-Bellum Alabama

Weymouth T. Jordan, Kenneth R. Johnson

Attack and Die

Grady McWhiney, Perry D. Jamieson


Kent Gramm, Alan T. Nolan, Paul Fussell, Bruce A. Evans, Eric T. Dean, Scott Hartwig

The Battle-Ground

Ellen Glasgow, Susan Goodman

Blockade Runners of the Confederacy

Hamilton Cochran, Robert M. Browning Jr.

A Blockaded Family

Parthenia Hague, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese

Bluejackets in the Blubber Room

Peter Kurtz, Peter Kurtz

Cannoneers in Gray

Larry J. Daniel

Captives in Blue

Roger Pickenpaugh

Captives in Gray

Roger Pickenpaugh

Civil War Alabama

Christopher Lyle McIlwain, G. Ward Hubbs

The Civil War Memoirs of a Virginia Cavalryman

Robert T. Hubard, Thomas P Nanzig


James P. Delgado, Deborah E. Marx, Kyle Lent, Joseph Grinnan, Alexander DeCaro, Lisa D. Jones, Stacye Hathorn

Columbus, Georgia, 1865

Charles A. Misulia

Confederate Arkansas

Michael B. Dougan

Confederate Florida

William H. Nulty

Confederate Home Front

William Warren Rogers

Debt, Investment, Slaves

Richard Holcombe Kilbourne, Gavin Wright

Deep in the Piney Woods

Tommy Craig Brown

Enduring Legacy

W. Stuart Towns

Engineering Security

Mark A. Smith

"Fear God and Walk Humbly"

James Mallory, Grady McWhiney, Warner O. Moore, Robert F. Pace

First Day at Gettysburg

Warren W. Hassler Jr

The Forge

Thomas S. Stribling, Randy K. Cross

A Forgotten Front

Seth A. Weitz, Jonathan C. Sheppard, Seth A. Weitz, Chris Day, R. Boyd Murphree, David Nelson, David B. Parker, Tracy J. Revels, Jonathan C. Sheppard, Robert A. Taylor, Lauren K. Thompson, Zack C. Waters, Seth A. Weitz

Foundation Stone

Lella Warren, Nancy Grisham Anderson

From Cape Charles to Cape Fear

Robert M. Browning Jr.

From Conciliation to Conquest

George C. Bradley, Richard L. Dahlen

From That Terrible Field

James Williams, John Kent Folmar

Heaven's Soldiers

Frank Marotti, Frank Marotti

I Am Fighting for the Union

Henry Willis Wells, Robert M. Browning Jr.

Island No. 10

Lynn N. Bock, Larry J. Daniel

The Jackson County War

Daniel R. Weinfeld

John Archibald Campbell

Robert Saunders

The Journals of Josiah Gorgas, 1857–1878

Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins, Josiah Gorgas, Frank E. Vandiver

Jubal Early's Raid on Washington

Benjamin Franklin Cooling


Sean P. Graham

Laying Claim

Patricia G. Davis

Like Grass before the Scythe

William Remmel, Robert Patrick Bender

Lincoln's Trident

Robert M. Browning Jr.

Long Night

Andrew Lytle, Frank L. Owsley


Upton Sinclair, Kent Gramm, Kent Gramm

Memoirs of the Civil War

William W. Chamberlaine, Robert E.L. Krick, Gary W. Gallagher

Oh, What a Loansome Time I Had

Emily Beck Moxley, William Morel Moxley, Thomas William Cutrer

On Wide Seas

Claude Berube

The Pen Makes a Good Sword

Lonnie A. Burnett

The Perfect Lion

Jerry H. Maxwell

The Perfect Scout

George W. Quimby, Anne Sarah Rubin, Stephen Murphy

Recollections of War Times

William A. McClendon, Keith S. Bohannon

Seven Months in the Rebel States During the North American War, 1863

Justus Scheibert, Joseph C. Hayes, Robert K. Krick, William Stanley Hoole, William Stanley Hoole, W. Stanley Hoole, Robert K. Krick

Simon Baruch

Patricia Spain Ward

Simple Story Of A Soldier

Samuel W. Hankins, John F. Marszalek

Slavery in Alabama

James Benson Sellers, Harriet E. Amos Doss

A Small but Spartan Band

Zack C. Waters, James C. Edmonds, Robert K. Krick

The South As It Is

John Richard Dennett, Caroline E. Janney

These Rugged Days

John S. Sledge

This War So Horrible

Hiram Smith Williams, Lewis N. Wynne, Robert A. Taylor

Trailing Clouds of Glory

Felice Flanery Lewis

Tried Men and True, or Union Life in Dixie

Thomas Jefferson Cypert, Margaret M. Storey, Margaret M. Storey


G. Ward Hubbs

Unfurl Those Colors!

Marion V. Armstrong

The Unwritten War

Daniel Aaron

The Voyage of the CSS Shenandoah

William C. Whittle, D. Alan Harris, Anne B. Harris

A War of Words

R. Jarrod Atchison

A War State All Over

Ben H. Severance

Welcome the Hour of Conflict

William Cowan McClellan, John C. Carter

Rebel Storehouse

Robert A. Taylor

The Marengo Jake Stories

Jake Mitchell, Kathryn Sport, Bert Hitchcock, Robert Wilton Burton

The Yellowhammer War

Kenneth W. Noe, Jason J. Battles, Lonnie A. Burnett, Harriet E. Amos Doss, Bertis D. English, Michael W. Fitzgerald, Jennifer Lynn Gross, Patricia A. Hoskins, Kenneth W. Noe, Victoria E. Ott, Terry L. Seip, Ben H. Severance, Kristopher A. Teters, Jennifer Newman Treviño, Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins, Brian Steel Wills

Yours Till Death

John Cotton, Lucille Griffith

Amelia Gayle Gorgas

Mary Tabb Johnston, Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb

Andersonville Violets

Herbert W. Collingwood, Robert Baird, David Rachels

August Reckoning

William Warren Rogers, Robert David Ward

The C.S.S. Florida

Frank L. Owsley

The Clays of Alabama

Ruth Ketring Nuermberger

The Confederate Negro

James H. Brewer

Congress of States

David Carlson

Cudjo's Cave

J T Trowbridge, Dean Rehberger

Frenchman, Chaplain, Rebel

Pere Louis-Hippolyte Gache, S.J., Cornelius M. Buckley, Cornelius M. Buckley


Elsie Singmaster, Lesley J. Gordon

Interpreting Sacred Ground

J. Christian Spielvogel

John Letcher of Virginia

Francis N. Boney

John Dooley, Confederate Soldier

John Dooley, Douglas Southall Freeman, Joseph T. Durkin

King Cotton Diplomacy

Frank L. Owsley, Howard Mumford Jones

The Privations of a Private

Marcus B. Toney, Robert E. Hunt

The Rebel Yell

Craig A. Warren

A Rich Man's War, A Poor Man's Fight

Bessie Martin, Mark A. Weitz

The Southern States Since The War

Robert Somers, Malcolm C. McMillan

An Uncompromising Secessionist

George Knox Miller, Richard M. McMurry

Southern Wealth and Northern Profits

Thomas P. Kettell, Fletcher M. Green

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