Intern Spotlight: Sydney

My name is Sydney Evans, and I am currently a senior at the University of Alabama studying English. My interest in publishing came about two years ago when my passion for reading was sparked again. I previously read constantly when I was younger, but in high school and the beginning of college my interest in reading had drastically waned. It was my rediscovery of YA fantasy and beautifully written literary fiction novels that led me from reading only one book in a year to devouring almost one hundred. I had found something that I loved to do, and I began to wonder what having a career in the publishing industry would be like. I knew little to nothing about the logistics of it, but my friend who had previously interned at UA Press encouraged me to apply. She said her time at the Press was valuable in that it helped her decide if a publishing career would be the right choice for her. I am now spending my third semester here as an editorial intern.

My experience at the Press has been very eye opening. My concept of publishing and all that it entailed was quite different from what I have experienced hands-on, and getting the opportunity to discover what it is like day-to-day has been invaluable. As an editorial intern, I have been introduced to the different stages of editing that a book goes through, from copy-editing to proofreading, before it is finalized for print and placed on the shelves. I never realized how many different steps go into working on a single book, and it makes me appreciate every book I read that much more. Although my focus has been in the editing division of the press, I have been exposed to many different departments, such as acquisitions, business, and sales as well. Many people have taken the time to explain what their day-to-day work looks like, and they all have been open to explaining concepts or answering any questions I may have.

After I graduate in May 2019, I hope to move forward and have a career in the publishing industry. I am interested in acquisitions and having the opportunity to meet with authors, help them in the early stages of their book, and to travel. I am passionate about the editing process itself and knowing that I am helping an author to make their book the best it can be. I have enjoyed copyediting as well, and I would gladly take a position copyediting or proofreading for a company. Certain books I have read in my life have shaped me as a person, and knowing that I could play a small role in helping a reader discover a book that would do the same thing for them inspires me to learn how to edit to the best of my abilities. My dream is to one day make it to New York (whenever the funds for living in one of the most expensive cities in America would become available) to work in trade publishing. I would like to work with young adult novels, because they are what inspired me to love reading once again. UA Press has given me great experience and exposure, and it has helped me to realize that this is exactly what I want my future to be like. I would not be nearly as confident or knowledgeable about the publishing world if it wasn’t for my time interning here, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity and experience.

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