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With a Southern Accent, With a Southern Accent, 0817301305, 0-8173-0130-5, 978-0-8173-0130-9, 9780817301309,

With a Southern Accent
by Viola Goode Liddell

Quality Paper
1982. 272 pp.
Price:  $29.95 s

Two generations of Alabamians will welcome the reappearance of this classic: those who loved it when it was published to national acclaim in 1948 and who have missed it during the many years it has been out of print, and those who have enjoyed Viola Goode Liddell’s follow-up success, A Place of Springs, and eagerly seek more from her pen.

            A Book-of-the-Month Club selection when first published, With a Southern Accent belongs on the shelves of all those who have wearied of the labels and want to meet the people of yesterday’s South.

Viola Goode Liddell was born in Wilcox County, Alabama, in 1901, and died there in 1998. She wrote short stories for a number of periodicals, including the Georgia Review and the Saturday Evening Post, and is the author of Grass Widow.

“A genuine picture of Southern life, drawn with affection and a sense of truth.” -- Birmingham News

“Entertainingly written, lively and frank; Mrs. Liddell gives us the South’s pride and courage, its friendliness, loyalty and devotion to principle, which is the South at its best. She gives something too of the South’s stubbornness and extreme individualism, of its violence and impulsiveness.” – New York Times

“A complete and detailed picture of a way of life essentially American and at the same time very Deep Southern, With a Southern Accent has undeniable historical and social importance and interest.” – Saturday Review

“Liddell’s autobiography has a sunlit quality and gives a picture of a happy childhood in a little town in Alabama. Her recollections of family life are humorous, nostalgic, vivid and full of the bright, clear air of youth.” – Book of the Month Club News

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