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Whiskey Man, Whiskey Man, 0817310673, 0-8173-1067-3, 978-0-8173-1067-7, 9780817310677,

Whiskey Man
Howell Raines

Quality Paper
2000. 264 pp.
Price:  $24.95 s

Raines's coming-of-age novel, set in depression-era Alabama, combines
romance and tragedy to evoke a time and place distant in memory but alive
in the great tradition of American storytelling.

In 1932 in Milo, Alabama, Prohibition was on, the depression
was on, Franklin D. Roosevelt was riding his campaign train across America,
and Bluenose Trogdon--a man who had a real calling for making whiskey just
like his daddy before him--had devoted customers as far away asBirmingham.

One of the people he was on good terms with was Brant
Laster, just home from The University of Alabama and the first of his family
to graduate. For Brant it was a time to renew ties of love and friendship--with
his kind, upright father, who had a suitable Scripture to go with every
sale he made at his general store; with Bluenose; and with Brant's girl,
slender, pale-haired Blake King. Blake--in her own view liberated by her
college years in Atlanta, though in Brant's eyes corrupted by the men she
met there--stirs him to the thought that "every man is his own Iago." But
it is Bluenose--boozy, profane, lustful, wise, comic, racked by passion
for the wife who shuns him--whose inevitable fate finally sets Brant on
his journey into the world.

Howell Raines is New York Times Editorial Page Editor
and a Pulitzer Prize winner. An Alabama native, Raines is the author of
My Soul Is Rested: Movement Days in the Deep South Remembered and
Fly Fishing through the Midlife Crisis.

"An impressivenovel, with a strong sense of that peculiarly Southern entanglement ofreligion, violence, and sex we used to get from Flannery O'Connor."
—Tom Wicker

"Whiskey Man displays all the nostalgic fun, fistfighting,and fornication of Larry McMurtry in his yarns of the passing of the Americancowboy."
—Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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