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Up Before Daylight, Up Before Daylight, 0817300996, 0-8173-0099-6, 978-0-8173-0099-9, 9780817300999,

Up Before Daylight
Life Histories from the Alabama Writers' Project, 1938-1939
by James Seay Brown, Jr.

Quality Paper
1982. 280 pp.
Price:  $29.95 s

These compelling accounts of hard times and hard work reveal human courage, dignity, and resilience from a generation that endured the Great Depression.

One achievement of the 1930s Federal Writers' Project was its ambitious collection of life histories based on interviews with southern workers and farmers. For Up before Daylight James Seay Brown chose 28 of the more than 100 accounts from throughout Alabama as a rich sampling--from the Tennessee Valley to the Gulf Coast and from cities as well as rural regions. First published in 1982, Up before Daylight is now available in a reprint edition containing a revised preface by the editor and a new foreword by Alabama historian Wayne Flynt.

James Seay Brown, Jr., is Professor of History at Samford University. Wayne Flynt is Distinguished University Professor at Auburn University.

"A much needed slice of life from the past, it is peoples'history--our history. Suitable for libraries of all types."

"These 28 stories effectively capture so much aboutthe speech, experiences, world views, and aspirations of their subjectsthat they leave us with a profound appreciation of the individuals whosewords we read and of the harsh realities they faced."
—Humanities in the South

1982 Choice Outstanding Academic Book, sponsored by Choice Magazine

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