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Their Blood Runs Cold, Their Blood Runs Cold, 0817357513, 0-8173-5751-3, 978-0-8173-5751-1, 9780817357511, , , Their Blood Runs Cold, 0817386998, 0-8173-8699-8, 978-0-8173-8699-3, 9780817386993,

Their Blood Runs Cold
Adventures with Reptiles and Amphibians
Whit Gibbons

Quality Paper
2013. 200 pp.
30 illus
Price:  $24.95 t
E Book
2013. 200 pp.
30 illus
Price:  $24.95 d

Their Blood Runs Cold is entertaining, informative reading that not only enhances our understanding of a unique group of animals, but also provides genuine insight into the mind and character of a research scientist.
Whit Gibbons possesses the rare talent of conveying the challenge and excitement of scientific inquiry. A research ecologist who specializes in the study of reptiles and amphibians, he gives accounts of work in the field that are as readable as good short stories.
From the dangers of being chased by an angry rattlesnake to the exhilaration of discovering a previously undescribed species, Gibbons brings to life the everyday experiences of the herpetologist as he chases down lizards, turtles, snakes, alligators, salamanders, and frogs in their natural habitats. With essays like “Turtles May Be Slow but They’re 200 Million Years Ahead of Us” and “How to Catch an Alligator in One Uneasy Lesson,” Their Blood Runs Cold both entertains and informs.
The thirtieth anniversary edition of Their Blood Runs Cold features a new prologue and epilogue, additions that address changes in the taxonomy and study of reptiles and amphibians that have occurred since the publication of the original edition and offer suggestions for further reading that highlight the explosion of interest in the topic.

Whit Gibbons is professor emeritus of ecology, University of Georgia, and head of the Environmental Outreach Program at the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory.

"This book is pleasant and instructive at the same time. . . . Gibbons writes with clarity and verve."—Archie Carr, author of So Excellent a Fishe: A Natural History of Sea Turtles

"A superbly written, personalized narrative on amphibians and reptiles. . . . This book can be read and enjoyed by almost everyone with interests in people, research, and/or animals."

"A good source of general information and marvelous stories about reptiles and amphibians for herpetologists, nonherpetologists, nonherpetologically oriented scientists, and nonscientists. It is an outstanding attempt at educating the general public about these animals and lays to rest many of the common myths and misconceptions concerning not only reptiles and amphibians but herpetolotists as well."

"Delightful. . . .This book should be read by all who share Whit's love for reptiles and amphibians or who want to gain instight into why some are so enthralled with this group."—Copeia

"Reading this funny and, at times, profound and moving book will at least help to revise many a misconception about these surprising animals."—The Royal Society of New Zealand

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