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Theatre Symposium, Vol. 13, Theatre Symposium, Vol. 13, 0817352554, 0-8173-5255-4, 978-0-8173-5255-4, 9780817352554,

Theatre Symposium, Vol. 13
Theatre and Travel: Tours of the South
Edited by Susan Kattwinkel

Quality Paper
2005. 160 pp.
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Presents rare information on traveling circus, minstrel, opera, and Toby shows.
This collection of essays explores an understudied but pervasive aspect of American theatre: theatre on the road, from minstrel shows and Toby shows to contemporary African American theatre, 19th-century circus rail travel, and small-town opera houses.
The challenges in gathering and compiling data on these ephemeral productions, from such far-flung sources as railroad schedules and weather reports, minutes from town council meetings, and accounts of error-prone theatrical productions, make this a truly valuable study.

Susan Kattwinkel is Associate Professor of Theatre History and Literature at the College of Charleston and editor of Audience Participation: Essays on Inclusion in Performance.

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