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Soul Resin, Soul Resin, 157366099X, 1-57366-099-X, 978-1-57366-099-0, 9781573660990,

Soul Resin
by Charles W. Cannon

Quality Paper
2002. 304 pp.
Price:  $22.95 s

Soul Resin is a southern gothic horror novel with a postmodern bent. Set here in the Crescent City, it plumbs the dark mysteries that lurk among the layers of the city's past. Mills Loomis Mills, an edgy college dropout at the center of the story, finds his life intertwined with a remarkable assemblage of characters—both living and dead—after his girlfriend is murdered and he begins to hear what he believes is the arcane language of spilled blood. In the space of three days—with 150 years of history whispering in his ears—Mills unleashes a supernatural disaster that Faulkner would call "a terrible bloody mischancing of human events."

Charles Cannon, first-time novelist and resident of New Orleans, has captured the flavor and complexity of a city that is unique in the American landscape. Blending first-person narratives with newspaper accounts, textbook lectures and personal correspondence, he tells a horrific tale with compassion and wisdom. Imagine the ghost of Faulkner haunting the work of Toni Morrison, Michael Ondaatje and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, then add gumbo spices and the blare of Dixieland trumpets in the background. This is a story you won't soon forget.

"C.W. Cannon's Soul Resin foments cognitive revolutions. An eerie synthesis of horror story, historical novel, social comedy, anti-story and realism, it moves through a violet netherworld that is at once gorgeous and disquieting. New Orleans has always been clogged with restless dead: here, they slither among the ghosts of the living and seem to outlive them. Truly original."
—Luis Alberto Urrea

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