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Send the Alabamians
World War I Fighters in the Rainbow Division
Nimrod T. Frazer

E Book
2014. 368 pp.
26 B&W figures / 12 maps / 1 table
Price:  $24.95 d
Quality Paper
2019. 366 pp.
26 B&W figures / 12 maps / 1 table
Price:  $24.95 s

Send the Alabamians recounts the story of the 167th Infantry Regiment of the WWI Rainbow Division from their recruitment to their valiant service on the bloody fields of eastern France in the climactic final months of World War I.

To mark the centenary of World War I, Send the Alabamians tells the remarkable story of a division of Alabama recruits whose service Douglas MacArthur observed had not “been surpassed in military history.” The book borrows its title from a quip by American General Edward H. Plummer who commanded the young men during the inauspicious early days of their service. Impressed with their ferocity and esprit de corps but exasperated by their rambunctiousness, Plummer reportedly exclaimed:

In time of war, send me all the Alabamians you can get, but in
time of peace, for Lord’s sake, send them to somebody else!

The ferocity of the Alabamians, so apt to get them in trouble at home, proved invaluable in the field. At the climactic Battle of Croix Rouge, the hot-blooded 167th exhibited unflinching valor and, in the face of machine guns, artillery shells, and poison gas, sustained casualty rates over 50 percent to dislodge and repel the deeply entrenched and heavily armed enemy.

Relying on extensive primary sources such as journals, letters, and military reports, Frazer draws a vivid picture of the individual soldiers who served in this division, so often overlooked but critical to the war’s success. After Gettysburg, the Battle of Croix Rouge is the most significant military engagement to involve Alabama soldiers in the state’s history. Families and genealogists will value the full roster of the 167th that accompanies the text.

Richly researched yet grippingly readable, Nimrod T. Frazer’s Send the Alabamians will delight those interested in WWI, the World Wars, Alabama history, or southern military history in general. Historians of the war, regimental historians, military history aficionados, and those interested in previously unexplored facets of Alabama history will prize this unique volume as well.

Nimrod “Rod” Thompson Frazer is a retired investment banker, formerly CEO of Enstar. He earned his MBA at Harvard and was awarded the Silver Star for his military service in Korea. His research on the Rainbow Division of WWI stems from his father’s stories of the famous team.

Edwin C. Bridges served for thirty years as the director of the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Send the Alabamians is an exceedingly well-researched, highly detailed account of Alabama’s 167th Infantry Regiment from its mobilization in 1916 for service on the Mexican border through its deployment to France for the final year of World War I. A Korean War combat veteran, Rod Frazer captures particularly impressively the hard, bloody fighting in which the 167th’s soldiers engaged in 1918. As Frazer’s account unfolds, the reader is reminded vividly why the men of the 167th were hailed by Alabama newspapers at the time as ‘The Immortals.’ Indeed, after reading this superb history, it is clear that the 167th truly exemplified Alabama’s motto, ‘We dare defend our rights.’ It is equally clear that Rod Frazer has done them a great service by capturing their impressive history for us.”
—General David H. Petraeus (U.S. Army, Retired)

“Nimrod T. Frazer has created a moving textual memorial to the men of the 167th, about whom a brigadier general once exclaimed, “In time of war, send me all the Alabamians you can get, but in time of peace, for Lord’s sake, send them to somebody else!” Send the Alabamians recovers a long-forgotten chapter in Alabama history and represents an important contribution to scholarship on America and the Great War.”
The Alabama Review

“Rod Frazer does an amazing job describing the sights, sounds, and smells of the WWI battlefields as well as recounting personal stories of the brave men from Alabama’s 167th Infantry Regiment. The 167th fought under the flag of the famous 42nd Infantry (Rainbow) Division formed from across twenty-six states and sent to the front lines to repel the German Army’s march toward Paris. While Frazer focuses on the Alabama regiment’s many heroic deeds, he also brings into context many issues faced by the division leadership and the other divisional regiments from New York, Ohio, and Iowa. He tells of the ascension of Colonel Douglas MacArthur from chief of staff to brigade commander and how his leadership inspired WWI Rainbow soldiers. As you read this book you will see why past and present Rainbow soldiers are so proud of their beginnings. As a former commanding general of the 42nd, I thank Rod Frazer for this well-documented history of our beloved division.”
—Major General Joseph Taluto (US Army, Retired), chairman Rainbow Division Veterans Foundation
"Nimrod T. Frazer has made a significant contribution to Alabama’s military history, and to the record of regiments that fought with distinction in France during World War I. His book is well worth reading."
The Journal of America’s Military Past

Frazier's study succeeds on at least three levels. First, it is an outstanding example of a combat history of a prominent American military unit during the Great War. Second, Frazer's study makes a contribution to the ever-growing histiography that covers the exploits of the Rainbow Division, and third, his book captures the essence of the Alabamians as a fighting collection of citizen soldiers."
US Military History Review
"This manuscript makes an original and significant contribution to the field. In particular, the author makes a strong case for the importance of the 167th Alabama Infantry and its contribution to both the 42nd Division and the larger war effort. . . . The story pulled me in immediately due to the author’s connection to the 167th. . . . I believe this book could straddle both the academic and popular reading community. It is a well-researched and interesting story. The fact that the 167th was in the Rainbow Division only adds to the appeal of the subject."
—Dr. Nancy Gentile Ford, Professor of History, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, author of Americans All!: Foreign-born Soldiers in World War I, Issues of War and Peace and The Great War and America: Civil-Military Relations during World War I

"Nimrod Thompson Frazer has made the 42d Division (the "Rainbow Division") come alive with his vivid portrayal of the officers and men of that storied unit. Meticulously researched, this labor of love powerfully reminds me of the great pride of being a young soldier."
—Will Hill Tankersley, M.G. AUS Ret. Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Former Chairman of The Reserve Forces Policy Board Combat Infantryman, Bronze Star, Six Battle Stars: Korean Conflict


"Young American men and women were called to serve the cause of freedom, their country and their spirit to do what was right over 100 years ago.  They gave so much, endured all and are never to be forgotten.  This book vividly portrays their deeds and sacrifices of lives lost in the Greatest War."
—Jerry Hester, World War One Centennial Commissioner

"There could not have been a better time to read Send the Alabamians, WWI Fighters in the Rainbow Division than when I did, between Memorial Day and Father's Day. As Dr. Edwin Bridges's notes in the Introduction, Rod Frazer's masterful work is both a regimental history and a personal story. 
“Exceptionally well researched and extremely readable, this book recounts the heroic achievements of the 167th Infantry Regiment of the famous ‘Rainbow Division.’ Amidst the horrific conditions of warfare in which they found themselves, the extraordinarily brave Alabama soldiers who made up the 167th were standard bearers for the United States Army's core values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.
“Within the regiment’s disciplined ranks marched Sergeant Will Frazer, recipient of the Purple Heart and the author's father. As with all who fought and survived this first World War, the battlefield experience had a profound impact on Sergeant Frazer after his return home, one his son captures poignantly. This moving narrative is a fitting tribute to gallant men from the South willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for an entire Nation. It is bound to keep ‘The Immortals’ just that." 
—David S. Fadok, Lt. Gen. USAF AETC AU/CC