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Re.La.Vir, Re.La.Vir, 1573660825, 1-57366-082-5, 978-1-57366-082-2, 9781573660822,

by Jan Ramjerdi

Quality Paper
1999. 125 pp.
17 b/w photographs
Price:  $14.95 t

RE.LA.VIR renders rape through the narrative filter of an online hypertext program. Juxtaposing savvy technical language and graphic scenes of sexual violence, the novel creates an alternative techno fictive space for representing lived experience.

The pages of RE.LA.VIR are the scrolling text of a computer screen, as transitory and erasable as the body of the raped woman. RE.LA.VIR reenvisions her, offering the female speaker a wider range of voices and positions to act from than is allowed in traditional rape narrative.

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