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Mississippian Village Textiles at Wickliffe, Mississippian Village Textiles at Wickliffe, 0817305920, 0-8173-0592-0, 978-0-8173-0592-5, 9780817305925, , , Mississippian Village Textiles at Wickliffe, 0817383638, 0-8173-8363-8, 978-0-8173-8363-3, 9780817383633,

Mississippian Village Textiles at Wickliffe
Penelope Ballard Drooker

Quality Paper
1992. 312 pp.
Price:  $34.95 s
E Book
2009. 312 pp.
Price:  $34.95 d

Because textiles rarely are preserved in the archaeological record outside of deserts and permafrost areas, in many regions of the world very little is known about their characteristics, functions, production technology, or socioeconomic importance. While this fact is also true of organic fabrics produced during the Mississippian period in southeastern North Anerica, a wide variety of Mississippian textiles has been preserved in the form of impressions on large pottery vessels. From attribute analysis of 1,574 fabrics impressed on Wickliffe pottery sherds and comparison of the impressions with extant Mississippian textile artifacts, Drooker presents the first comparative analysis of these materials and the most inclusive available summary of information on Mississippian textiles.

"This book is one of those rare gems in archaeology which continue to prove that major contributions can be made to our discipline by gifted and clear thinking individuals with interest and expertise in the field of material culture. . . . Highly recommended!"
North American Archaeologist

"An excellent example of archaeological textile research. . . . It is an example of the type of textile research that is long overdue on the prehistoric Southeast."
—Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff, Louisiana State University

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