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McIntosh and Weatherford, McIntosh and Weatherford, 0817309144, 0-8173-0914-4, 978-0-8173-0914-5, 9780817309145,

McIntosh and Weatherford
Creek Indian Leaders
by Benjamin W. Griffith , Jr

Quality Paper
1998. 340 pp.
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About the time of the American Revolutionary war, when the Creek Indians owned land that is today approximately the lower two-thirds of Alabama and of Georgia west of the Oconee River, two sons were born to Indian mothers and Scots fathers in obscure towns in the territory of the Creek Nation. Both sons were named William, and both were to become leaders of their mothers’ people.
            The two remarkable men lived during a period of war and turbulence along the frontier in Alabama and Georgia. More often the subjects of folk tale and legend than serious historical inquiry, McIntosh and Weatherford fought on opposing sides in the Creek War of 1813-1814. McIntosh allied himself with Andrew Jackson and the friendly Lower Creeks, while Weatherford joined with the hostile Red Stick and was the leader of a band of Upper Creeks in the massacre at Fort Mims. McIntosh, who was given the rank of brigadier general for his military feats, was involved in the machinations that led to the ceding of Creek lands to Georgia. As a result, he died in disgrace at the hands of his fellow Creeks. Weatherford, once hated and feared, died a planter and local hero in Alabama near the site of Fort Mims.


Benjamin W. Griffith, Jr. is Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of English at West Georgia College.

"Griffith is a skillful writer who knows how to make the most of the drama inherent in the life stories of these Creek leaders."
—Atlanta History

"With a sure hand, Griffith traces out the tangled relationships of the Creeks with the United States in the decade after Horseshoe Bend. . . . This book is a must for all interested in the personal meaning of U.S. Indian removal policy."
̵Journal of American History

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