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Mabel in Her Twenties, Mabel in Her Twenties, 0932511430, 0-932511-43-0, 978-0-932511-43-0, 9780932511430, , , Mabel in Her Twenties, 0932511449, 0-932511-44-9, 978-0-932511-44-7, 9780932511447,

Mabel in Her Twenties
by Rosaire Appel

Quality Paper
1992. 94 pp.
Price:  $14.95 s

Rosaire Appel's Mabel in Her Twenties is a work of delicacy, whimsy, and pathos reminiscent of Gertrude Stein. Punctuated by odd, melancholy photographs of a Victorian interior, Mabel is the story of a peculiar love relationship that concludes in a place as frightening as it is familiar.

In Mabel in Her Twenties, we encounter a young woman moving through a universe of love, friendship, and familial ties. Relationships exist in unfettered flux. For Mabel, the past is as unknowable as the future. Her actions and reactions are impulsive and immediate. The future, for her, merely embodies the unresolved dreams and nightmares of the past, combined with the eccentricities of chance.