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The Lost Scrapbook, The Lost Scrapbook, 157366006X, 1-57366-006-X, 978-1-57366-006-8, 9781573660068, , , The Lost Scrapbook, 1573660388, 1-57366-038-8, 978-1-57366-038-9, 9781573660389,

The Lost Scrapbook
by Evan Dara

Quality Paper
1998. 476 pp.
Price:  $24.95 s

The Lost Scrapbook is a story of the shattering of community in modern America—and a vision of reconstitution. The novel brings together stories of people who, unbeknownst to one another, are all somehow involved in a search for precisely the same thing. And as the characters tell their tales—like musical variations on such themes as apartness and belonging, unity and diversity$#151we learn about the object of their quest: a mysterious scrapbook.

The novel's culmination is a true tour-de-force, recounting a confrontation between a trusting city and the local manufacturing company that both sustains and betrays it.

Exploring the interface between ecology and social justice, The Lost Scrapbook is broadly inclusive and fabulously inventive- biodiversity made into fiction. It is a triumph of ecological storytelling.