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Latino Heretics, Latino Heretics, 1573660779, 1-57366-077-9, 978-1-57366-077-8, 9781573660778,

Latino Heretics
Edited by Tony Diaz

Quality Paper
1999. 215 pp.
Price:  $15.95 t

Dedicated to the memory of the late Omar Castaneda, this collection of radical writings crosses the boundary of that which cannot be said.

The work of Omar Castaneda epitomized the new era of Latino writing that combined heart and art: hyper-arte and hyper-corazon. This anthology fulfills his vision of a collection of fiction and cross-genre prose by contemporary Latino/a writers on "unspeakable" topics.

These works upset and disturb the gentlemans agreement upon which some of the current politics of Latino identity are precariously based. These works also attain a new level of craft, a high style of writing to topple the current politics of aesthetics that threaten to oppress all writers.

New pieces by Judith Ortiz Cofer, Lionel G. Garcia, Stephen Gutierrez, MacArthur Fellow Luis Alfaro, as well as scriptwriter Rick Najera, join the voices of newcomers and never-before-released work of the late Castaneda.

Every entry catches the High Style of new thoughts, new forms, and killer prose that simultaneously sabotages the politics of the English and Spanglish languages. This writing brings together art and politics, and unites the best of several possible worlds under the Latino canopy of multi-multi-culturalism, an exponential-culturalism.

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