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Jewish Prince in Moslem Spain, Jewish Prince in Moslem Spain, 0817352805, 0-8173-5280-5, 978-0-8173-5280-6, 9780817352806, , , Jewish Prince in Moslem Spain, 0817369007, 0-8173-6900-7, 978-0-8173-6900-2, 9780817369002,

Jewish Prince in Moslem Spain
Selected Poems of Samuel Ibn Nagrela
by Samuel Ibn Nagrela
Edited by Leon J. Weinberger

Quality Paper
2006. 176 pp.
Price:  $26.95 s
1973. 167 pp.
Price:  $39.95 s

Translated by Leon J. Weinberger

Of all the Hebrew poets of the 'Golden Age' in Spain, Samuel Ibn Nagrela (993-1056 A.D.) remains perhaps the most fascinating personality. A leading statesman in the kingdom of Granada, he was as successful in court as on the battlefield, maintaining a position of power for several decades while walking a political tightrope. Endowed with great literary talents, he opened up new paths in Hebrew poetry, and his mastery of its metrical intricacies was as consummate as his political and military skill.

"The selection of the poems is good, and the thirteen sections into which the 95 poems are divided reflect the wide range of the poet's interests. Ibn Nagrela's powerful personality and the fascinating revelations of his inner life exert considerable appeal."
Journal of Jewish Studies

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