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Four Roses in Three Acts, Four Roses in Three Acts, 0914590650, 0-914590-65-0, 978-0-914590-65-1, 9780914590651,

Four Roses in Three Acts
by Franklin Mason

Quality Paper
1981. 135 pp.
Price:  $14.95 s

It is Paris and the Twenties again and Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway are much alive. Hemingway again has four wives but this time all at the same time. But that doesn't keep him from running off to Pamplona with Miss Stein and running with the bulls. There's a party at Sara and Gerald Murphy's that is strangely like one of Gatsby's. There's a literary cast of thousands. Some may see it all as a spoof, namely on Hemingway's own "The Torrents of Spring." But all's well that ends well, or so we hope.

The author has actually been in Paris and Pamplona but spends most of his time in baltimore with his wife, cat, and lots of books. He once worked on the Sunpapers (shades of H.L. Mencken) where he was, he thinks, a copy editor. But he gave it up for the good life. He is at last a writer only, or didn't Scott Fitgerald say that?

"You'd have thought The Torrents of Spring had rendered further parodic visions of the twenties impossible, but you'd have been wrong. Four Roses in Three Acts is both economical and wonderfully sustained."—Hugh Kenner

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