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Distorture, Distorture, 1573660272, 1-57366-027-2, 978-1-57366-027-3, 9781573660273, , , Distorture, 1573660485, 1-57366-048-5, 978-1-57366-048-8, 9781573660488,

by Rob Hardin

Quality Paper
1999. 150 pp.
Price:  $16.95 t

It is the end of the century again: the stories in Distorture are elegiac, exquisite panels written in memory of certain decayed angels.

A woman is buried by a musician who has sworn to protect her. A narcoleptic is found, still dreaming, with cryptic symbols engraved into her back. In an elegant loft, a silver-haired man studies the torso of a comatose surfer, and the bodies of the two men are transformed into an intricate work of art. These are only a few of the tortous stories of Rob Hardin, a veteran studio musician and stylist whose work has been called "impeccable" by Dennis Cooper.

Distorture is a fiercely modern book full of jeweled descriptions of violent eroticism. In Distorture, his first book of stories, Rob Hardin subverts nineteenth century romanticism and redefines the aesthetics of excess. Distorture splices the digital and the autumnal with the drive of the dark ambient music and the elegance of a late Liszt Sonata.