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Close Your Eyes and Think of Dublin, Close Your Eyes and Think of Dublin, 0932511414, 0-932511-41-4, 978-0-932511-41-6, 9780932511416, , , Close Your Eyes and Think of Dublin, 0932511422, 0-932511-42-2, 978-0-932511-42-3, 9780932511423,

Close Your Eyes and Think of Dublin
by Kathryn Thompson

1991. 197 pp.
Price:  $24.95 t
Quality Paper
1991. 197 pp.
Price:  $18.95 t

Kathryn Thompson's Close Your Eyes and Think of Dublin: Portrait of a Girl is a brilliant Joycean hallucination of a book in which the richness of Leopold Bloom's inner life is found in a young American girl experiencing the things that vexed James Joyce: sex, church, and oppression. Thompson's favorite mode is Circe, Night Town, the fantastic, and often the nightmarish. Her narrator enters the "realms of the clinically genderless, disrupts the underworld of consensual male meaning, overturns the blackjack tables, busts through the saloon doors, a freelance sheriff in a coon hat." She has a bold, uncompromising political intelligence and the astonishing capacity not only to finger the culprit—the spirit of the age ("conestoga wagons full of fratboys")—and make it confess, but also to make it sing: "spew the wet phlegmy expletives, the louies and ralphs of toothless men chewing tobacco on their own benches; suck stone, sign that declaration yea or nea, ptooey and blat just like that."

She is a marvelous new presence on the American literary scene.

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