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Chick Lit Postfeminist Fiction, Chick Lit Postfeminist Fiction, 1573660906, 1-57366-090-6, 978-1-57366-090-7, 9781573660907,

Chick Lit Postfeminist Fiction
Edited by Cris Mazza, Jeffrey DeShell

Quality Paper
2000. 205 pp.
Price:  $29.95 t

Chick-Lit: Postfeminist Fiction is the fourth volume in "On the Edge: New Women's Fiction," FC2's ongoing effort to discover new and innovative voices in women's fiction. Determined to contradict the myth that "women don't write experimental fiction," Chick-Lit discovers women writers with a fresh and irreverent wit and honesty, but no less powerful in their rendering of human experience.

Chick-Lit collects the original fiction of newly discovered writers, but also the award winning work of notable writers like Carole Maso, Jonis Agee, Stacy Levinne and Carolyn Banks. Marked by innovations in form and point-of-view, the writers in this collection are not satisfied with the terrain commonly referred to as "women's writing." Insane asylum sex, board games that control people's lives, a masochistic pedophile humiliated by his victim, an obese woman paying nickels and quarters for attention from teenage girls, a deranged hair stylist and her disloyal dog, a men's impotence therapy group, a surreal landscape constantly producing the body of a woman's mother: this is writing that shouts, yes, there is such a thing as postfeminist fiction.

"A must-read for girls who have considered selling out. This book hails the dawn of an inclusive, fun, sexy, silly, literary feminism."

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