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The Aztec Love God, The Aztec Love God, 1573660361, 1-57366-036-1, 978-1-57366-036-5, 9781573660365,

The Aztec Love God
by Tony Diaz

Quality Paper
1998. 156 pp.
Price:  $15.95 t

A dark comedy about Tiofilio Duarte’s climb to obscurity
Originally, young Tio wanted to perfect the comic role of the Aztec Love God, his ideal persona. Along the way, he meets Jester, an older, Caucasian comedian who makes Tio an offer he’s like to refuse. Jester offers Tio an opportunity to join his act. The only condition is that he, Tio, has to perform Latino stereotypes. Tio has to decide if he is going to take the blank check for easy thoughts or develop the Aztec Love God on his own.

The Aztec Love God combines humor, politics, and street knowledge. Diaz comes at the reader from all angles. His mixture of styles and influences pushes The Aztec Love God to a multi-multiculturalism.

The Aztec Love God is a vato but not too loco.
Tony Diaz earned an MFA in Fiction from the University of Houston Creative Writing Program. He is also a professor at Houston Community College.
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