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Aviary Slag, Aviary Slag, 0932511910, 0-932511-91-0, 978-0-932511-91-1, 9780932511911, , , Aviary Slag, 0932511929, 0-932511-92-9, 978-0-932511-92-8, 9780932511928,

Aviary Slag
by Jacques Servin

Quality Paper
1996. 160 pp.
Price:  $14.95 t

A lucid, lysergic antidote to the so-called profundities of “quality fiction”
An assemblage of intricately interlocked mini-epics, moral tales, and porn tracts, it is a definitively post-postmodern work. Jacques Servin plunders and smelts the traditional forms, then fashions out of the slag a brilliant poetics of power and eros. In both form and content, Aviary Slag provides hard-hitting metaphors for the death of deforming constraints. It is a book for the volatile end of a century that has smelted and recast almost everything.
Jacques Servin (also known by the pseudonym Andy Bichlbaum; born 1963) is an American media artist and activist. He is one of the leading members of The Yes Men, a culture jamming activist group. Their exploits in “identity correction” are documented in the films The Yes Men, The Yes Men Fix the World, and The Yes Men Are Revolting.