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The Ancient Borinquen, The Ancient Borinquen, 0817314717, 0-8173-1471-7, 978-0-8173-1471-2, 9780817314712, , , The Ancient Borinquen, 0817352384, 0-8173-5238-4, 978-0-8173-5238-7, 9780817352387, , , The Ancient Borinquen, 0817381503, 0-8173-8150-3, 978-0-8173-8150-9, 9780817381509,

The Ancient Borinquen
Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Native Puerto Rico
Edited by Peter E. Siegel

2005. 448 pp.
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Quality Paper
2005. 448 pp.
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E Book
2008. 448 pp.
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A comprehensive overview of recent thinking, new data, syntheses, and insights into current Puerto Rican archaeology
A book on the prehistory of a modern geopolitical entity is artificial. It is unlikely that prehistoric occupants recognized the same boundaries and responded to the same political forces that operated in the formation of current nations, states, or cities. Yet, archaeologists traditionally have produced such volumes and they generally represent anchors for ongoing research in a specific region, in this case the island of Puerto Rico, its immediate neighbors, and the wider Caribbean basin.
To varying degrees, this work addresses issues and draws data from beyond the boundaries of Puerto Rico because in prehistoric times the water between islands likely was not viewed as a boundary in our modern sense of the term. The last few decades have witnessed a growth of intense archaeological research on the island, from material culture in the form of lithics, ceramics, and rock art; to nutritional, architecture, and environmental studies; to rituals and social patterns; to the aftermath of Conquest.
Ancient Borinquen provides a comprehensive overview of recent thinking, new data, syntheses, and insights into current Puerto Rican archaeology, and it reflects and illuminates similar concerns elsewhere in the West Indies, lowland South America, and Central America.
Peter E. Siegel is a Principal Archaeologist and Senior Project Manager with John Milner Associates, a cultural heritage management firm specializing in archaeology, architecture, and planning.
“This volume does a commendable job assembling a comprehensive overview of recent archaeological work on Puerto Rico. The book furthers our understanding of Caribbean prehistory by focusing on this island interface between the Greater and Lesser Antilles.”
—Charles R. Ewen, author of From Spaniard to Creole: The Archaeology of Cultural Formation at Puerto Real, Haiti
"Puerto Rico has been the focus of intensive archaeological research for the last 20 years and more. This impressive volume pulls together the insights from this work and presents them within a context that emphasizes both indigenous perspectives and Puerto Rico's connections to the rest of the Caribbean.”
—Samuel M. Wilson, author of Hispaniola:Caribbean Chiefdoms in the Age of Columbus
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