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American Science in the Age of Jackson, American Science in the Age of Jackson, 0817307400, 0-8173-0740-0, 978-0-8173-0740-0, 9780817307400, , , American Science in the Age of Jackson, 0817384480, 0-8173-8448-0, 978-0-8173-8448-7, 9780817384487,

American Science in the Age of Jackson
George H. Daniels

Quality Paper
1994. 304 pp.
Price:  $36.95 s
E Book
1994. 304 pp.
Price:  $36.95 d

In this first effort to define an American scientific community, originally published in 1968, George Daniels has chosen for special study the 56 scientists most published in the 16 scientific journals identified as “national” during the period 1815 to 1845. In this reprint edition, with a new preface and introduction, Daniels shows how American scientists emerged from a disorganized group of amateurs into a professional body sharing a common orientation and common goals.


George H. Daniels is Professor and Chairman, Department of History, at The University of South Alabama.


“This work is indispensable and unique….An excellent account of how Jacksonian science reached a springboard to break through to become part of American culture.”


“What I like most about Daniel’s book is not that it’s always right—it isn’t—but that it’s always provocative. It’s more interpretative than any of the other chronological volumes on science in America.”—Ronald L. Numbers, University of Wisconsin-Madison


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