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Alabama's State and Local Governments, Alabama's State and Local Governments, 0817307389, 0-8173-0738-9, 978-0-8173-0738-7, 9780817307387,

Alabama's State and Local Governments
by David L. Martin

Quality Paper
1994. 288 pp.
Price:  $29.95 s

Why does politics rank right after football as Alabama’s favorite sport?
Davis Martin’s third edition of the 1975 classic, Alabama’s State and Local Governments, provides a unique viewpoint in answering this question. He also lets the reader in on the answers to some other intriguing questions, such as . . . Why do voters in Chilton County case more than one vote each? Why does a municipal judge in Alabama have to be a lawyer, while a county probate judge does not? If you don’t pay your Alabama state taxes, how will the Department of Revenue track you down?; and many more.
Whether you are a public official, lobbyist, teacher, librarian, or citizen interested in politics, this book offers the concise information you need on the state’s governmental system. Profusely illustrated with dozens of charts and tables, and a detailed index, Alabama’s State and Local Governments is a valuable resource which will be especially helpful to those who want to compare Alabama’s government to the governments of other Southern states.

David L. Martin is professor emeritus of political science at Auburn University, and is author of Running City Hall: Municipal Administration in America.

“I consider this to be of high quality. It provides an excellent overview of the structure and operation of state and local government in Alabama. The most significant improvement in the Second Edition is the very substantial updating of material. Footnoting is competently handled and recommended sources for further reading are pertinent and helpful. Extensive graphs, tables, charts, forms, notices, and maps serve to clarify and inform. Alabama’s State and Local Governments will serve effectively as a basis for teaching or as a source of knowledge for anyone seeking information on government in our state.”
—William J. Harkins, University of South Alabama
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