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Is It Sexual Harassment Yet?, Is It Sexual Harassment Yet?, 0932511333, 0-932511-33-3, 978-0-932511-33-1, 9780932511331,

Is It Sexual Harassment Yet?

Quality Paper
1991. 243 pp.
Price:  $22.95 t

Back in print with a preface by Allan Kornblum and a new introduction by Pamela Caughe.

These stories convey a powerful, convincing sense of the bewilderment and excitement of sexual desires. Mazza describes a world that resembles a shopping mall gone mad, populated by ordinary, normal people behaving in ways that mock the very concept of normality. By describing these lives with an acute sense of the absurd, Mazza produces a dark, sometimes hilarious comedy that undercuts the shaky compromise of the consensus we call reality.

Cris Mazza's most recent books are Dog People, a novel, and Former Virgin, a collection of short fiction, both released in 1997. Mazza's other novels include Your Name Here: _____, Exposed, and the Nelson Algren Award winning How to Leave a Country. Her previous collections of short fiction are Revelation Countdown and Animal Acts. Mazza is also co-editor of Chick-Lit (1995) and Chick-Lit 2 (1996), anthologies of women's fiction. A native of southern California, Mazza teaches in the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

"Literary sitcoms from hell. Mazza is a subversive, anarchist writer . . . hardly forgettable."

--Wall Street Journal

"Absurdist sitcoms alternating with off beat psychodramas and tales of trauma."

--New York Times Book Review

"A fresh break away from feminist scenarios of the early 70s and 80s . . . Mazza's stories zero in with wonderful and frighteneing accuracy on the scary landscape in which many women now live."

--American Book Review

"Cris Mazza's second collection lures the reader with a utilitarian prose into a maze of surprises. Not for the faint hearted, but her energy, humor, and respect for the material deliver."

--Columbus Dispatch

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