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The Essential Hayim Greenberg, The Essential Hayim Greenberg, 0817319352, 0-8173-1935-2, 978-0-8173-1935-9, 9780817319359, , Jews and Judaism: History and Culture, The Essential Hayim Greenberg, 0817390693, 0-8173-9069-3, 978-0-8173-9069-3, 9780817390693, , Jews and Judaism: History and Cultur

The Essential Hayim Greenberg
Essays and Addresses on Jewish Culture, Socialism, and Zionism

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2017. 592 pp.
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2017. 592 pp.
7 B&W figures
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Though well known to many scholars and critics in the field of Judaic studies, Hayim Greenberg remains relatively unknown. Since his death in 1953, Greenberg’s contributions to modern Jewish thought have largely fallen from view. In The Essential Hayim Greenberg: Essays and Addresses on Jewish Culture, Socialism, and Zionism, the first collection of Greenberg’s writings since 1968, Mark A. Raider reestablishes Greenberg as a prominent Jewish thinker and Zionist activist who challenged the prevailing orthodoxies of American Jewry and the Zionist movement.

This collection of thoroughly annotated essays, spanning the 1920s to the early 1950s, includes Greenberg’s meditations on socialism and ethics, profiles of polarizing twentieth-century figures (among them Trotsky, Lenin, and Gandhi), and several essays investigating the compatibility of socialism and communism. Greenberg always circles back, however, to the recurring question of how Jews might situate themselves in modernity, both before and after the Holocaust, and how Labor Zionist ideology might reshape the imbalances of Jewish economic life.

Alongside his role as an American Zionist leader, Greenberg maintained a lifelong commitment to the vitality of the Jewish diaspora. Rather than promoting Jewish autonomy and statehood, he argued for fidelity to the Jewish spirit. This volume not only seeks to restore Greenberg to his previous stature in the field of Judaic studies but also to return a vital and authentic voice, long quieted, to the continuing debate over what it means to be Jewish.

The Essential Hayim Greenberg provides an accessible text for scholars, historians, and students of Jewish studies, religion, and theology.

Mark A. Raider is the author or coeditor of numerous books, among them The Emergence of American Zionism, The Plough Woman: Records of the Pioneer Women of Palestine, American Jewish Women and the Zionist Enterprise, and Nahum Goldmann: Statesman without a State.

“Mark A. Raider’s work on the American Jewish experience, modern Jewish history, Zionism, and Israel are well known among scholars from across disciplines as meaningful contributions to multiples areas of study. It is no surprise, then, that Raider has done it again with his most recent book on the selected works of Hayim Greenberg. Greenberg’s essays and addresses are nothing short of a treasure trove of modern and contemporary Jewish thought, and Raider’s translation, organization, and contextualization make Greenberg and his considerable corpus available to English language readers like never before.”
The American Jewish Archives Journal

“Mark A. Raider’s book is a thoughtful collection of Hayim Greenberg’s spiritual and ideological, national and universal worldview as one of the most original Zionist thinkers, who promoted the theory of a balanced double Jewish collective existence as an exile (galut) people, even in free countries, and as a national entity in their historical land, the State of Israel.”
—Yosef Gorny, author of The State of Israel in Jewish Public Thought: The Quest for Collective Identity

“By framing the life of Hayim Greenberg through a brilliant introduction and then gathering the works of Greenberg together, Mark A. Raider has performed the singular service of bringing one of the most thoughtful and engaged public Jewish intellectuals and Zionist thinkers of the twentieth century back to life. This is a critical volume for anyone interested in modern Jewish and Zionist intellectual history and thought as well as Israel-Diaspora Jewish relations. Scholars and activists alike are indebted to Raider for this book.”
—David Ellenson, author of Jewish Meaning in a World of Choice: Studies in Tradition and Modernity and After Emancipation: Jewish Religious Responses to Modernity

"Hayim Greenberg was one of the great American Jewish public intellectuals. A man of rich moral intelligence, he was a Labor Zionist thinker of the first order who engaged his times as an excellent essayist and as the inventive editor of The Jewish Frontier Monthly. He was an adamant foe of right-wing swagger and far-left folly, seeking always to balance universalism and particularism. The essays in this anthology are an invaluable introduction for a new generation." 
— Mitchell Cohen, author of The Wager of Lucien Goldmann: Tragedy, Dialects, and a Hidden God and Zion and State: Nation, Class, and the Shaping of Modern Israel

“I can't imagine a better time to rediscover Hayim Greenberg. He was a democratic socialist and a liberal Zionist who knew the meaning of those critical adjectives. A penetrating intellect with a sweet and gentle voice: we need to listen.”
— Michael Walzer, author of The Paradox of Liberation: Secular Revolutions and Religious Counterrevolutions and In God’s Shadow: Politics in the Hebrew Bible

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