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Theatre Symposium, Vol. 17, Theatre Symposium, Vol. 17, 0817355553, 0-8173-5555-3, 978-0-8173-5555-5, 9780817355555, , , Theatre Symposium, Vol. 17, 0817382976, 0-8173-8297-6, 978-0-8173-8297-1, 9780817382971,

Theatre Symposium, Vol. 17
Outdoor Performance

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2009. 136 pp.
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2009. 136 pp.
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Outdoor drama takes many forms: ancient Greek theatre, open-air performances of Shakespeare at summer festivals, and re-enactments of landmark historical events. The essays gathered in "Outdoor Performance," Volume 17 of the annual journal Theatre Symposium, address outdoor theatre's many manifestations, including the historical and non-traditional.

Among other subjects, these essays explore the rise of "airdomes" as performance spaces in the American Midwest in the first half of the 20th century; the civic-religious pageants staged by certain Mormon congregations; Wheels-A-Rolling, and other railroad themed pageants; first-hand accounts of the innovative Hunter Hills theatre program in Tennessee; the role of traditional outdoor historical drama, particularly the long-running performances of Paul Green's The Lost Colony; and the rise of the part dance, part sport, part performance phenomenon "parkour"-- the improvised traversal of obstacles found in both urban and rural landscapes.

Jay Malarcher is Associate Professor of Theatre at West Virginia University.

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