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Amythia, Amythia, 0817351361, 0-8173-5136-1, 978-0-8173-5136-6, 9780817351366,

Crisis in the Natural History of Western Culture

Quality Paper
2004. 224 pp.
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Loyal D. Rue is Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Luther College and author of By the Grace of Guile: The Role of Deception in Natural History and Human Affairs.
“A stimulating and readable venture in the history of ideas. Blending arguments and material from philosophy, theology, history and science, Rue addresses a fundamental problem in Western Culture: the crisis of meaning and the eclipse of the shared value system upon which personal wholeness and social coherence in the West have been based.”
Journal of Interdisciplinary Discourse
“This fascinating, controversial work combines insights from biology, the natural history of culture, biblical study, and philosophical theology. Its thesis is that Western Culture is in crisis because it lacks a cultural mythology as a matrix for shared meanings. . . . Thoughtful and well argued.”
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