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Series Page → War, Memory, & Culture

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War, Memory, & Culture is a series devoted to scholarship that examines the construction of armed conflict within what is variously termed collective, cultural, or public memory. Books in this series include personal writings that grapple with issues pertaining to war and its cultural representation, reader’s guides to popular literary works that have helped shape collective memory of past wars, annotated editions of such works, and, when appropriate, collections of ground-breaking scholarly essays focused on military commemoration or remembrance. International in scope and not limited to any particular conflict or historical period, the series recognizes the sprawling, interdisciplinary nature of memory studies, welcoming submissions from historians, literary critics, rhetoricians, media scholars, visual-arts experts, anthropologists, and others.

Steven Trout
Joan Beaumont
Philip D. Beidler
John Bodnar
Patrick Hagopian
Mara Kozelsky
Edward T. Linenthal
Kendall R. Phillips
Kirk Savage
Jay Winter

The University of Alabama Press welcomes new book proposals for this series sent to Daniel Waterman or to the series editor, Steven Trout.

Series published in cooperation with
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