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For U.S. Mail Services:
The University of Alabama Press
Box 870380
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0380
For Parcel and Express Delivery Services:
The University of Alabama Press
200 Hackberry Lane, 2nd Floor
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
Fax: 205-348-9201
(To email a staff member, click on his or her name.)
Administration Daniel Waterman
Interim Director 205-348-5538
  Blanche Sarratt Assistant to the Director 205-348-5180
  Claire Lewis Evans Intellectual Property, Rights,
and Permissions Manager
Acquisitions  Daniel Waterman Editor-in-Chief 205-348-5538
  Elizabeth Motherwell Environmental Editor 205-348-7108
  Donna Cox Baker History Editor 205-348-7471
  Wendi Schnaufer Archaeology, Anthropology, and Latin American/
Caribbean Studies Editor
Editorial Vanessa Rusch
Managing Editor 205-348-9708
  Joanna Jacobs Assistant Managing Editor 205-348-1563
  Jon Berry Project Editor 205-348-1565
  Carol Connell Editorial Assistant 205-348-5183
Sales & Marketing Kristi Henson
Sales Managing 205-348-9534
Production Rick Cook Production Manager 205-348-1571
  Michele Myatt Quinn Book Designer 205-348-1570
Business Rosalyn Carr Business Manager 205-348-1567
  Allie Harper Accounting Specialist 205-348-1564