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Hot Shot Quotes

Hot Shot Quotes – June 21, 2012

Circling Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality “An excellent counterpart to the “Best Spiritual Writing” series, this varied volume will appeal to literary, feminist, and spiritual readers in public and academic libraries.”—Library Journal


Desert Rose
“[Desert Rose] captures the essence of the life and legacy of the courageous and special woman who walked with and was married to the man (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), the mission and the vision.”—Capital Wire
The Slaves Who Defeated Napoleon 
“Although dozens of authors have attempted to capture the meaning of and explain how Haiti won its independence from France, this fast-paced narrative is an excellent modern treatment that offers a welcome micro-examination of the day-to-day events that turned Toussaint Louverture from a loyal French governor into a formidable independence leader. Essential.”—Choice



Gaming Matters
“[Ruggill and McAllister’s] book is both stimulating and informative, contributing to ongoing discussions and debates about computer games, perhaps moving forward some that have stalled.”—Leonardo Reviews


Tried Men and True, or Union Life in Dixie
“Cypert’s memoir offers Civil War students a vivid portrait of what life was like for vocal unconditional unionists residing on the cusp of the Deep South. Its value is only enhanced by the atypical geography and rare first person narrative of unionist counterinsurgency operations along the Tennessee-Alabama border. Highlighting the post war struggles of these men to justify their wartime positions and maintain political power in the difficult years of Reconstruction, Tried Men and True significantly enriches the scholarly literature of southern unionism.”--Civil War Books and Authors



“Redding’s ghosts evoke the memory of the US’s cultural past, suggesting that even though one may wish to lay some unsettling elements of the American heritage to rest, they will not stay buried. . . Redding’s style will induce the reader to think the author is addressing him or her directly, a good way to encourage enthusiasm both for the literature and for the insights it provides. Highly recommended.”--Choice 

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